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A New Place Every Week

Food reviewing with a comedic edge| London based

Jack decided on a New Years’ resolution of exploring London and visiting ‘a new place every week’ back in 2013. After a cult hit with his blog, the self-proclaimed Partyman is back with a podcast in 2016.

Dec 16, 2018

This week features a bizarre Thai restaurant, a trip to Cork and Devon and a tapas restaurant in Peckham.  There is also a rant which BEGS for listeners to respond to by email and a promise of future raps and poems!


Four reviews:  

Miss Tapas | Courtesan | Electric | Eggesford Crossing Cafe
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Oct 19, 2018

Producer Chris is back up and running and so is the show.  Featuring 4 reviews including a burger joint, pizzeria, Gordon Ramsay Restaurant and a Roast speciality.   An action packed show with a fantastic email, further clarification of the 'efficient' rating system and all your favourite features.  Season 3 is back...

Jun 1, 2018

Wondering where we've been? An update on the team as well as a plea for emails while we take a break.  Let's hope Producer Chris recovers soon!


Please get your emails in to and follow us on Instagram @anewplaceeveryweek


You'll hear from us all soon!


Apr 17, 2018

When dating, is it right to triple text without getting a reply? If a profiterole doesn't have chocolate, is it a profiterole? Is it OK to read over someone's shoulder on the tube? 
All questions answered on this show along with the very first rap from Jack at the end - it's worth the listen. 

Mar 26, 2018

Back from a week's skiing, we discuss an Instagram milestone, our first ever Honorary Shout Out, Producer Chris' dating tips in Warsaw.

Three reviews: Queuing for an average breakfast, a delicious birthday meal in Parsons Green with two long term IALs, and a restaurant which was "the real deal". 

Breakfast Club |...